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It integrates some tools : N_Interp, MEandYOU, YOUandME, Transits and Keywords.

The Geometer 's Sketchpad

An educational tool for learning geometry, elementary and middle school algebra.

Type TV Show

Understand yourself. 16 Personality Types (Carl Jung, MBTI, Myers-Briggs).

Virtual Physics Trial

Create a virtual laboratory for a very affordable price to teach physics!

MindGenuis Enterprise Education

A mind mapping software to capture, visualize and manage your ideas

Power BibleCD Demo

Power BibleCD is designed to simplify the Bible for its understanding.


JasperServer is a high-performance report server provides many other facilities.

MB Brain Teasers

MB Brain Teasers is a collection of programs related to the development and working of the brain.

Sondex MITview

Uses LAS data files recorded produce 3D images on a PC screen.


Drishti stands for vision or insight in Sanskrit, an Indian language.

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