Related Windows Programs


Semagic is a client for LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress.

Zoundry Raven

It is a WYSIWYG Blog editor and it is very helpful for all types of bloggers.

Sky Drive Attachment WLW Plugin

Allows you to insert attachments from Window Live Skydrive to your blog posts


BlogDesk is a small, light-weight and useful offline weblog client.

Blogger For Word

Now you can use Blogger right within Microsoft® Word.


Glider V2 Blogger Template is a free premium blogger template


MyStarterBlog is a simple online/offline content management system.

Blogger Icon Installer

You will have a dedicated icon on your desktop for Blogger.

Blogger Buster Toolbar

Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines.


It automatically adds the latest news on your blog.

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