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Desktop URL Shrinker

Quick and easy-to-use program to shrink your long URLs.

Nifty Stats

Nifty Stats brings automated statistics right to your desktop.

Zeus Internet Marketing Robot

Generate thousands of link trades. Finds websites and automates 95% of the work.

Affiliate Buzz

A affiliate promo page generator that will help your affiliates make money!

Cloaker Buzz

Cloaker Buzz is not another cheap and crappy cloaking software.

Best Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs - find the most updated best affiliate programs


AffiliateEXE protects our profits and software products as affiliated vendors.

Xtreme Affiliate Page

It is meant to create a professional affiliate promotional tools page .

Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder

Cloak affiliate links on any web page or blog with modern browser technology.

Xtreme Affiliate Page Generator

Xtreme Affiliate Page create a professional affiliate promotional tool.

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