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Intermorphic Noatikl

A 16 track MIDI generator with more than 120 parameters and 380 music templates.

Star Drone

Star Drone 1.0 is a space arcade game, a mix between pinball and breakout.

Didj'tizer Demo

Didj'tizer is a VST effect plug-in that can emulate the sound of a didjeridoo.

Bunker Drone

Bunker Drone is a neat little game perfect to play in your free time.


24HBet is a great collection of addictive casino games.

DJI transcoding tool

A tool that can be used to convert videos recorded in DJI drone cameras.

Evolane Tcl Engine

eTcl provides the abstraction level to allow you to focus on your code.


The Complete Solution for Software Copy Protection and Software Licensing

Engineering Power Tools - Plus Edition

Simple-to-use yet powerful and complete tool for mechanical engineers.


Comprehensive solution for creating reliable full-history software updates

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