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Private Room

own private data-space, protect folder or files password easily, open on any PC

Facebook Agent

Facebook Agent shows you how to view private facebook profiles!

KaKa Private Disk

KaKa Private Disk, an easy-to-use program to protect sensitive data.

Private InfoKeeper 2007

Private InfoKeeper 2007 provides new an exceptional security for your data and a very convenient way

Hide Private Folders

A tool that hide your private folders easily

Dekart Private Disk Light

Private Disk Light creates one or more secure virtual disks on your hard drive.


Private file sharing software

Private Photo Album

Private Photo Album is a photo encyption software you can take on the go.

Oranum Expert Software

Oranum Expert Software is a handy application for chatting with Oranum members.

Steganos Safe One

Steganos Safe One is a powerful encryption tool for you private data.

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