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Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper (BETA)

This wallpaper always keeps you connected with rest of the world.

Cities at Night Vol 2 Screen Saver

Cities at Night Screen Saver brings the magic of city lights to your desktop.

Four Empires

A game similar to Monopoly but with different rules and scenarios.


EarthTime displays the local time and date of any place in the world.

Cities of Earth 3D Screensaver v.

Cities of Earth 3D Screensaver shows you many cities of Earth from the space.


This application contains many exams that can test your general knowledge.

3D Earth ScreenSaver

The screensaver shows you a view of the Earth from space, with light effects.

Microsoft Time Zone

Microsoft Time Zone allows you to view the current time and date of five cities.

Free Astrology Software

Free Astrology Software based on Vedic Astrology

World's Greatest Cities Mahjong

Learn about the Greatest Cities in the world while playing Mahjong levels.

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