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Firestorm offers various optimization suggestions to the beginner of

Transit Satellite PE

Transit Satellite PE provides translators the solution for the best translation.

PocketBible Laridian Reading Plans (LRP)

Laridian Reading Plans provides users with a selection of 7 reading schedules

EpiCalc 2000

EpiCalc 2000 is a statistical calculator that works with pre-tabulated data.


Global spell checker and dictionary which can be invoked from any application.

GujaratiLexicon Saras Spellchecker

Spellchecker can spell check any Gujarati Unicode text.

MadCap Lingo

It is an easy-to-use fully integrated translation environment tool (TEnT).

Smart Keyword Suggest

A great browser extension that changes the way people use search engines.

Will Find Info

Will Find Info is a widget that helps users search top tier search engines.

GNU Aspell

GNU Aspell is a command-line spell checking utility.

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