Related Windows Programs

Hadith Viewer

It provides a querying engine which facilitates quick searching of hadith.

Babylon Builder

Enables you to create your own glossaries using databases you already have

Grammar Slammer Deluxe Checkers

Affordable English grammar and spelling corrector.


A self-study tool to give students chapter summaries and objectives.

Nerraw Dream Dictionary

A free and simple dream-related dictionary to define and understand your dreams.

MB Free Astrology Numerology Glossary

An advanced Western & Vedic Astrology as well as Numerology Glossary.

MB Astrology Numerology Glossary

Reference tool for people interested in astrology and numerology.


Lingoversity is a language learning tool for Windows.

Koi Keeper Unleashed

Unleash your Koi's potential with Koi Keeper Unleashed.

SharePoint 2010 Tag Directory Web Part

Automatic taxonomy-based A-Z index navigation directory for SharePoint 2010

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