Related Windows Programs

WDL Website Builder

It enables you to build amazing, responsive websites.

gemoji chrome

Google Chrome addon to insert gemoji shortcodes such as :+1: and :smile:.

GD Winamp Control

GD Winamp Control allows you to control Winamp from Google Sidebar.

gdRSS Reader

gdRSS Reader is a handy tool for reading RSS feeds...


A plug-in for Google Desktop Sidebar that can control both Winamp and iTunes.

Pack Vista Inspirat

Vista Inspirat will transform your old XP Theme to the attractive Vista Theme.

Vista Battery Saver

A battery saver application that enhances Vista actual energy saving settings

Gadget Extractor

Gadget Extractor makes it possible to add new gadgets to your Sidebar


This little tool limits the size of any maximized application (from any side).


Number of unread entries displayed for live bookmarks.

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