Related Windows Programs


Tunatic is a song identification system for Windows computers.

Guitar and Drum Trainer

Software for changing the pitch and tempo of a song, and creating Karaoke files.


MP3Test helps you to sort out such damaged songs in your mp3 collection.


Karma is a software application which allows you to organize your karaoke shows

MP3 Mixer & Recorder

mix two songs together

Worship Assistant

Worship Assistant allows you to display your song lyrics using a video projector

Visual Song Book

It is a slide show program for projecting lyrics during song service.

Siglos Karaoke Professional

This is a KJ assistant that will make your shows better and easier to run.

PCDJ Song Book Maker

It's an application designed to automate the creation of song books.

Karaoke Song List Creator Super Print 2012

Obtains the themes and lyrics for the songs included on your karaoke CDs.

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