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Jewel Labyrinth

It’s a deceptively simple game of logic starring the jewels.

Word Play

Challenge your mind in the ultimate word search game!


Plucky and shifty Crab must find and gather as many lost treasures as possible.

Classic Puzzles

A collection of 4 classic puzzles. Each puzzle consists of a number of counters placed on a board. Y


A deceptively simple but wildly challenging single player card game.


A stand-out puzzler, it definitely has the stuff to become a new puzzle classic.

Forte Scan

Forte creates an environment for making music you've always dreamed of.


FlipFour is a simple, easy and interesting math puzzle.

Chinese Zodiac Theme Pack

This theme transforms your desktop into a Chinese Zodiac alike.

Super Yum Yum Puzzle Adventures

Star as Leon the Chameleon in this color-changing, puzzle-solving adventure.

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