Related Windows Programs

Magnetics Designer

Magnetics Designer is a standalone software that designs all types of layer

Macro Wire

It is designed to automate the generation of NC codes for CNC wire cut machine.

Wire Pilot Plugin

Wire Pilot plug-in allows you to retouch unwanted objects from a photo

KL3 Universal Programmer

KL3 is a universal board programmer for Midian Electronics products.

OneWire Viewer

The OneWireViewer is a Java™ demonstration application for exploring iButton.


Wire-MoM is a method of moment program for the analysis of wire structures.

Venture Flock

Venture Flock 1.0 is a match-three game with birds.


You can design and export circuit diagrams to PCB applications.

Wings Over Europe

Wings Over Europe is a flight simulator developed by Third Wire Productions.

Wire Pilot

It is a neat app that helps you retouch linear objects.

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