Related Windows Programs

Avenue Q Screensaver

This is a nice screensaver done for the Avenue Q musical.

TildeTech Dictionaries

The Dictionaries kit is optional and contains additional game dictionaries


A program that allows you view and analyse PSN files recorded with WINSDR.


With Spekwin32 you can view multiple optical spectra.

Primetime Television Mystery Bundle

It is a bundle of two hidden object games based on television series.

P.F. and the Molten Mystery DEMO

Help Professor Fizzwizzle to find his way back to Mount Mystery

Hide and Secret 4 - The Lost World

A combination of puzzles, hidden object scenes and inventory puzzles.

Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid

Solve the case and save the professor in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid!

Archibald's Adventures

Archibald’s Adventures has a mission to complete over 114 levels of play

TubeTwist Quantum Flux Edition

TubeTwist will have you solving puzzles for a long, long time.

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