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Decipher Backup Browser

Allows you to view, search, and recover photos in your iPhone backup.

Steam and Water Properties

A comprehensive steam table software for finding steam and water properties.

Blood Pressure Recorder

Blood Pressure Recorder allows users to track their blood pressure readings.

Pipe Flow Wizard

Pipe Flow Wizard helps calculating pipe pressure drop and flow rate.

SF Pressure Drop

It calculates pressure drops of flowing liquids and gases in pipes.

Blood Pressure Tracker

Measuring your blood pressure can help you prevent hypertension.

My Blood Pressure

Keep updated records of your blood pressure with this tool.

Pressure Sensor Selector

Freescale Pressure Sensor Selector is a downloadable product finder.


LateralK is a software for calculating lateral earth pressure coefficients.

Hemodynamic Monitoring Part I

Hemodynamic Monitoring for the waveform recognition.

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