Related Windows Programs

SP45990 - Wallpaper Picture Position Enabler for Windows 7

Enables the Wallpaper Background Picture Position function to be changed

Security Update for Microsoft Office OneNote 2007

This security update fixes a problem that causes excess network traffic

Mobile Data Protection System

It protects the hard drive if the notebook is accidentally dropped.

Acer ePresentation Management

ePresentation between Notebook LCD Only and Notebook LCD + External Display.


Stores notes and passwords in a secure file.

HP Notebook Accessories Product Tour

Describes the accessories available for HP notebook computers.

Scientific Notebook

Scientific Notebook creates mathematical docs with text & graphics.

Compaq Notebook WiFi Router

It's a handy and easy to use software router for Compaq notebooks.

Gateway Notebook WiFi Router

It is a handy and easy to use software router for Gateway notebooks.


It is a simple application to unlock Bios of your notebook.

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