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Chinese Solitaire

Chinese Solitaire is feature-packed, with full statistics and "easy" mode

EA SPORTS Gameface Browser Plugin

This plug-in lets you create your EA Sports GameFace to use with your games.


Make weird arrangements of the main features of your friend's face for fun.

MSI Q-Face

MSI Q-Face® is an image processing software, designed specifically

Face Off Max

Create funny photos by moving any face to any body and share with your friends.

LOOXIS Faceworx

Looxis Facework 1.0 is a tool to create a 3D figure from 2 images of a face.


Create amazing morphs and effects in your photos with FaceMorpher.

Face Beauty Rank

The software will show the results in terms of beauty and proportions.


FaceDub is a face pasting utility for Windows computers.

Ligno3D Designer

Ligno3D Designer is a simple CAD program that is fast, easy to learn.

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