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Anti Red Eye

A powerful and handy Photoshop plugin for red eye removal.

System Eye

Maintain productivity of your PC, fast find dead programs and losses of memory


Lets you program, interrogate, and backup a GRAFIK Eye® 3500/4500 unit.


Get rid of the unpleasant red-eye effect with this program.

FirmTools RedEyeBot

Remove red-eye automatically from multiple pictures

Red Eye Removal

Helps users that wants to remove the red eyes from their photos.

Psycho Waluigi Mario

Psycho Waluigi Mario uses the power of eye to destroy everything.

Eye Strain

This software is created for users who has eye strain.

Free Red-eye Reduction Tool

Free photo red-eye reduction tool. Remove or fix red-eye effect very easily.


Tiny useful utility to measure your blink frequency and remind you to blink.

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