Related Windows Programs

Zamora Personality Test

Zamora Personality Test studies our individual and social attributes.


A computer flight simulation of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle.

Pretty Good Solitaire - Egyptian Card Set

An add-on for "Pretty Good Solitaire", with Egyptian pictures, sounds and games.

BWMed (PocketPC and Smartphone) by Skyscape

Designed for students who are learning medicine and tailored for their needs.

RAGS Suite

It is a tool designed to allow you to quickly and easily create games.

Northern Storage Suite

This software enables organizations to control the use of storage resources.


Currency conversion values shown here should be used as a guide only.

BWMed (for Windows PCs) by Skyscape

Helps develop the skills and attitudes that are essential for clinical practice.


Aims to study the processes that difficult the employability development.

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys

Powerful language processing technologies specifically designed for survey text.

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