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del.icio.us Buttons for Internet Explorer

del.icio.us Buttons allows you to post bookmarks directly from Internet Explorer

Delicious winter edition Deluxe

In the busy month of December Emily could sure use some extra help.


Delicer to del.icio.us is like Microsoft Outlook to your Email Account.


Netlicious is a desktop client for the del.icio.us bookmarking service.

Delicious Bookmarks Live Writer Plugin

Optionally enter tag(s) to filter the items returned from delicious .

Delicious Notify Plugin

It’s a publish time plugin (like the twitter notify one).

Delicious - Emily's Double Pack

Enjoy two delectable games in one fantastic Double Pack.

Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories

Follow Emily on this touching journey through the 1970's and onward

Double Pack Delicious True Love Memories Deluxe

It's an adventure game where you have to help Emily follow her heart.

Delicious: Emilys Tea Garden

Delicious: Emilys Tea Garden is a time management game.

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