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Romantic Gift

This screensaver will help you to evoke the warmest, romantic feelings.

Wordy Vu

Make words from candy in this fun letter-scrambling game.

Panopticum Curtains for Adobe After Effects

Helps you art up you video with eye-catching dynamic pieces of fabric

AlphaPlugins Curtains for Adobe After Effects

This program adds motion to video with eye-catching dynamic fabric effects.

Gemini Cut Plan

Gemini Cut Plan is the link between the design room and the cutting room.

My Quilting Math Buddy

Now quilt math has never been easier - within seconds the calculations are done!


Powerful, professional design software that makes sense to designers.


Create weave patterns of single harness or double harness.

Opticut AutoMarker Sp

Let Opticut AutoMarker create your markers automatically and plan your fabric

OptiTex Fabric Editor

Use the Fabric Editor to assign textures attributes to specific fabrics.

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