Related Windows Programs


GlucoseOne is a small and very useful diabetes management system.


A software that detects and monitors 18 NCDXF beacons.

3D Software Object Modeller Pro

3DSOM allows you to exhibit real objects as 3D images.

EZ-DJ Plus

EZ-DJ Plus creates CD albums by mixing existing music files

Cabri II Plus Plug-in

With this plug-in you can visualize and manipulate Cabri II Plus figures .

DictaNet Workflow Recorder

DictaNet Workflow Recorder is a dictation recording studio.


Passwords storing & management suite with 256-bit encryption for extra security

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles is a game with a variety of games inside.


Turn your hums into drumbeats

Alcyone Astronomical Tables

Alcyone Astronomical Tables provides various astronomical information.

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