Related Windows Programs

Arovax AntiSpyware

Arovax AntiSpyware detects and removes spyware on your PC for FREE.


TS-AudioToMIDI creates MIDI sequences from WAV/MP3/CD tracks, also in realtime.


Free file difference viewer for Windows 95/98/ME - Windows 2000/NT/XP.

PhoneTray Dialup

Online Caller ID, Internet Call Waiting and Modem-on-Hold with no monthly fees!

Malware Sweeper

Malware Sweeper is an anti-malware program.

SmartUndelete Application

Smart Undelete 2.9 is a data recovery utility that can recover deleted files.

Rad Software Regular Expression Designer

It is a powerful utility that helps you to build and test regular expressions.

AutoSpell Spell Checker

A plug-in that extends the spell checking functions of Microsoft Office.

Synchronize Folders

The handy tool that makes your files and folders management easier.

Hermetic Word Frequency Counter

It scans a file and counts the number of occurrences of the different words.

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