Related Windows Programs

Idea Tracker

Idea tracking software for writers and those needing to communicate effectively.

Brainstorming Toolbox

Brainstorming Toolbox is a program that helps you to come up with good ideas.

MindGenuis Enterprise Education

A mind mapping software to capture, visualize and manage your ideas


A free and stylish tool to create your own mind map diagrams.

Network Assistant

Network Assistant was designed to facilitate communication and file sharing.


A utility for creating mind maps in order to organize information.

MicroWorlds EX

MicroWorlds EX is not a tool, but rather a collection of tools

Trade-Ideas Pro

The Trade-Ideas Pro stock scanner offers faster access.


Create and organize written content for printed and electronic publications

Corel Painter Sketch Pad

Corel Painter Sketch Pad is your first step in creating digital art.

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