Related Windows Programs

Sampling Design Tool

The tool provides a means to effectively develop sampling strategies

Leland Legacy

It is a "must have" accessory if you are using a Leland Legacy sample pump.

Omnesys Nest Pulse

Using simple scripts, you can perform time series math and comparison operations

Visual Sample Plan

VSP is a software tool that supports the development of a defensible plan.


The SLO-scope can measure voltages between 0 and ~5 V.


Color picker and harmonizer tool with color wheel matches and color scheme


Assist you in sampling pipe layouts for the Stratos-HSSD range of detectors.


It eliminates the need for pricey slide rules that can break or become lost.

AEDTools Pro

If you can play an audio file on yo your PC that means that you can convert it!


The application allows you to analyze several forms of distance sampling data.

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