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Bits and Bytes - Lesson

First lesson of the Bits & Bytes collection about Problem Solving and technology


QSopt is a linear programming solver that provides a callable function library.

Active Port Pro

A lot of developers programming in the Windows environment often come

Algorithm of the Gods

It is an algorithm that solves problems like Travelling Salesman's problem.

ComputerExpert 2007

ComputerExpert 2007 is Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering help

ComputerExpert 2009

ComputerExpert 2009 is a Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering computer help and tutoria

Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools

This is an app that enables you to author intelligent tutor behavior.


WiSwitch can be used to connect / disconnect from the internet.

TurboC 7

With this program, now you can run Turbo C in full screen any time.

Cast3M 2013

Cast3M is a powerful, flexible analysis and optimization program.

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