Related Windows Programs


Tween is a Twitter desktop application for Windows.


"Out-of-office" e-mail auto reply from your custom templates for MS Outlook.


Provides an instant reference of who's in or out of your organisation.


TrayStatus can show various information in your taskbar's notification area.

WackyB Status/Voice Alert Plugin

Total control over the status alerts of your Yahoo messenger friends list.

MsnBlock Checker

MSN Block Checker helps you to check wheather you are Blocked by your buddy.

Clever Keyboard Indicator

Stays in windows system tray and displays Caps,Num,Scroll Lock indicators status

Status Bar Javascript Magic

Build complex status bar animations without writing a single line of code!

Enterprise Staff Indicator

It is an intuitive and powerful in/out attendance status board

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is a tool that recovers deleted files.

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