Related Windows Programs

KL3 Universal Programmer

KL3 is a universal board programmer for Midian Electronics products.

Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter

Lets you quickly convert between 2 units, like converting between square meter and square foot etc.


PreciseConverter is a desktop utility which provides, Oil, Gas, Energy, Power.

RR's Unit Converter

Is an useful tool for any kind of simple or compound unit conversions.


Salony is a COM Dll that provides unit conversion and unit system

Easy Unit Converter

This program allows you to convert measurement units from one into another.

Unit Converter Pro

A professional tool that performs conversion between various units.

EngNet Tools

EngNet Tools is a Conversion Calculator and a Terminology Reference Guide.


Comprehensive and flexible unit conversion tool between more than 2000 units.

SciLab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation

This software can then do calculations, using thermo-dynamic calculations.

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