Related Windows Programs

Mad Caps

Mad Caps is an enjoyable and challenging puzzle game.

SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash

SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash is Diner Dash, with SpongeBob.


Dam 2.2 is a checkers game for Windows 95 or newer.

Pixelus Deluxe

Pixelus Deluxe 1.0 is a board game in which you´ll have to match tiles.

Wing Commander Saga Prologue

Wing Commander Saga Prologue is an open-source flight simulator.


Incadia 1.03 is a matching tiles arcade game similar to Hashira.

Inspector Parker

Inspector Parker is a logic game where you´ll have to solve a mystery.

Super Collapse! II Platinum

Super Collapse! II Platinum 1.0 is a brick busting game for Windows.

Process Controller

It allows you to throttle back long running intensive processes automatically.

Karate 3d

Fight in a Karate tournament against a friend or the computer with this game.

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