Related Windows Programs

Service - O - Matic

Run any windows application as a windows service

Admiralty Updating Service

The Admiralty Updating Service is an on-line service for subscribers.

Service Master

A powerful yet easy service management tool that manages customers.


A tool that parses the logs that the Port Reporter service generates.

Polar Help Desk

Web based help desk that tracks incidents, integrates with e-mail and more.

Microsoft Windows Server DFS 2003 Management Pack

Monitors the health of the DFS Replication service on Windows Server 2003.

Sony Player Plug-in for Windows Media Player

Make it possible to play compressed IC Recorder voice files.


WiSwitch can be used to connect / disconnect from the internet.

Service Account Manager

Provides automated mass management of Windows service accounts.

System Change Log

A free system service that monitors and logs your file system's activities.

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