Related Windows Programs


OrganizeME, as you should guess from its name, is an organizer.

CD-Door Guard

What is CD-Door Guard and why should you use it? CD-Door Guard is


Spending too much time behind the computer? Your body grown numb and you eyes hurting after another

ClockSmith Lite

Small yet extremely effective application which reminds its user about time.


Revolutionary ergonomics program that reminds and enforces you to take breaks

Hacker's Clock

It reminds you to take breaks regularly and reminds you to stay focused .


Is a pack of the small freeware logic games:Tic-tac-toe, Cram and Super Nim.


It help you maintaining address book, keeping all your personal data.

Softwarenetz Agenda

Calendar II for Windows reminds you in time of every appointment and birthdays.

Recovery for Word

Recover your damaged MS Word files with this application.

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