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Creatures of Darkness

MorphVOX Creatures of Darkness offers astonishingly evil voices


Mathemagus is a funny and entertaining eduprogram.


Freetrix is a bright, cheerful, and unbelievably addictive Tetris-like game.


Slam all the Slammings and show them who is the boss!

Cat vs Dog

Cat Vs. Dog is a simple and entertaining flash game.

Monster Money 5

A simulation program of a virtual poker games machine with a monster theme.

Cat Licking Screen Cleaner

Cat Licking Screen Cleaner displays a video of a cat licking your screen.

Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver

Free Kitten and Butterfly ScreenSaver makes you feel like a child again.


Explore caves and collect cat snacks in this unique Boulderdash-type game!

Cat Run

Cat Run is an amusing cat game in which 6 crazy cats engage a run.

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