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MB Free Astrology Natal Chart

This is an advanced Western Astrology birth or natal chart generator tool.

MB Finance Astrology

A useful tool that can determine your Finance Astrology sign based on your name and birth date.

Free Astrology Software

Free Astrology Software based on Vedic Astrology

MB Free Muhurtha Astrology

A good tool for electional astrology to find auspicious time for good tasks.

MB Tamil Astrology

Tamil Astrology interprets the individual and personality traits

MB Astrology Compatibility Suite

A fast and awesome tool that helps you determine compatibility between you and your partner.

MB Free Burmese Astrology

An advanced yet handy software based on the principles of Burmese Astrology.


This astrology program is based on the Hindu system of Indian Vedic astrology.

Four Pillars & Feng Shui

Four Pillars & Feng Shui is a program to find out your four pillars chart.


Designed to meet the computing needs of professional astrologers.

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