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CreativityCorp Periscope

Periscope software displays the screen of a Windows Mobile SmartPhone.

Periscope Player

Stream music to your computer from anywhere in the world.


Snooper is a powerful sound recorder with advanced trigger and filter settings.

MAGIX audio cleaning lab

Cleans up all your analog-to-digital conversions and enhances the overall sound.

Wave Arts Master Restoration

Master Restoration Suite cleans up your tape, vinyl, and acoustic recordings


The TS-Doctor works easy, fast and without quality loss.

Studio Clean

Studio Clean is a suite of plug-ins for audio editing and processing.

Speech Analyzer

Full-featured acoustic analyzer that shows graphs of speech and music sounds.

Neuros Synchronization Manager

Simply Synchronize the Neuros with the Neuros Synchronization Manager.


The easiest way to create high-quality podcast recordings.

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