Related Windows Programs


It is a program that enables you to copy and paste items easier.


Designed to have a user interface uniquely tailored to pen input.


AutoSPRINK® VR is a stand-alone Fire Sprinkler CAD program.

Citrix Desktop Receiver

Desktop Receiver allows users to access their virtual desktops in full-screen.


Create several virtual desktops and place different open applications on them.

Multi User Desktop 2004

Is improves the way you work with Windows, Business Tasks and the Web.

Xilisoft Multiple Desktops

The program creates multiple desktops for a single user just like in Linux.

Moo0 MultiDesktop

Moo0 MultiDesktopallows you to have up to four different desktops.


A virtual desktop for Windows that provides additional work spaces.

Vista/XP Virtual Desktops

Vista/XP Virtual Desktops is a Desktop Windows Manager for XP or Vista.

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