Related Windows Programs

Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light

Escape from danger and be reunited with Mike in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light!

Mike's Cards

An incredible card game suite that includes casino and contemporary games.

Happy Man Packer Man! (HMPM)

You embark on a long journey to find your damsel in distress, Dottie.

FIBzilla Backgammon

If you find playing against gnubg to be too frustrating.


This software will access logged audio files, select and export audio files.

Dictation Buddy

Plays pre-recorded audio files & allows you to listen and control the playback.

Tres Lunas

Tres Lunas is a great game that was released with Mike Odfield's album.

Chess Mentor®

Allows you to understand the tactical and strategic themes more deeply.

Hold'em Pirate

Having the HoldEm Pirate is similar to having Mike Caro or Jesus Ferguson,

Microsoft Mike+Mary Speech Pack

Microsoft Mike+Mary Speech Pack are 2 voices for the program Speech SDK.

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