Related Windows Programs

Bible Code Oracle

A program for searching word matches in the Bible text.

Four Empires

A game similar to Monopoly but with different rules and scenarios.

Rise of Persia

Is set in the 6th century BC, a most fascinating era of mankind’s history.

RoadWare Beta

Roadware is a Windows based package, prepared for road design and calculations

Pashto Phonetic 2

This is a keyboard software that helps you to write with Pashto character.

Persian Calendar

Persian Calendar is an implementation of the Iranian (Jalali) calendar.

Phone spy recording system

Phone spy recording system is a smart tool that helps you record any phone calls


Xpressivoip Voip is an international carrier for voice traffic.

Iran GPS Map Toolbar

The toolbar is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

FSX Iran Air Tours Traffic

It is a free scenery designed to work with your FXS flight simulator.

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