Related Windows Programs


Full-featured touch typing training tool with efficient lessons and games.


Softener is the soft focus effect used by portrait photographers.

OfficeOne Animations

Animation effects for everyday use in your PowerPoint presentations.

ERS Dim D Chorus

Dim D Chorus is a replication of the SDD-320 Dimension D chorus build by Roland.

FaceFilter Xpress

FaceFilter Xpress enables you to make faces look younger, slimmer, friendlier.

UHS Reader

UHS is designed to give you hints you need to solve hundreds of computer games

ZoneAlarm ForceField

According to ZoneAlarm, once installed ForceField should activate automatically

iZotope Vinyl

Vinyl is a plug-in effect that will create a vinyl simulation to productions

CBN Selector

Visualize virtually anything, from your home to your car, in any color at all.

Blue Cat's Flanger - VST

You can obtain a wide range of sounds with this plug-in.

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