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Dr. Axel Benz Red Folders

Get everywhere you want with one click

Webmaster Email Extractor

Webmaster Email Extractor extracts WHOIS information fields of domain names.

UO Curse

The UO Curse Tool is the first 3rd party utility to be approved by Origin


The SIPLink is offered as a part of the main package and is royalty-free.

Encrypted FTP

Encrypted FTP (EFTP) is an FTP server-client application for Windows systems.

Home Ftp Server

Home FTP Server a free program to transfer files between local PC and FTP sites.

GuildFTPd FTP Server Deamon

GuildFTPd FTP Server is a very useful File Transfer Protocol Server application.


A cheating program to increase your sharing ratio on private tracker websites.

Wordsearch Generator

Wordsearch Generator allows you to create word puzzles.

Home Web Server

Home Web Server allows you to serve web pages directly from your PC.

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