Related Windows Programs

Key Maker

Keymaker is a small tool which converts a phrase into a secret password.

GMC MasterMind

The object of this game is to guess the sequence of a number of colored pegs.

African Geography Tutor

African Geography Tutor is an educational game about this amazing continent.

Hangman Wild West II

Hangman The Wild West II is a new and exciting version of the popular hangman.


You got in to the bank, now it's time to open the vault.

Super Logic Game

A Mastermind clone. The computer chooses a digit code between 4 and 6. Your task is to guess the cod


Each player takes turns trying to guess the other player's choice.


Play system games cost effectively, using reduction of minimum 5 and minimum 4. LottoJet support the

LPJ-GUESS Education

Learning aid that allows users to apply a version of LPJ-GUESS to any location

War Ship

Whoever destroys the enemy's battle armada first, wins the game.

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