Related Windows Programs

Visual HEA

It's a program that provides a method of calculating the required compensation.


Tiny useful utility to remind you to take a break every X number of minutes.

RSIGuard Stretch Edition

Repetitive Strain Injury prevention through awareness and trauma reduction

Workplace Angel

Professional healthcare application for PC users.

eText typeSmart

With typeSmart you can learn to type in just 6 hours using the Direct Reach eText Method , halving t


Monitor activity and get break reminders to prevent computer-related health problems.

ITS PLC Professional Edition

Its the essential tool for individuals performing professional PLC training.


IntelliPointer is a software that transforms any mouse, trackball or touchpad into an ergonomic and

ARSoftware AITools WinCRASH

WinCRASH has been developed as micro computer assistance.

Omniquad ErgoSense

Ergonomics at work-focused on working practices-easy exercises to prevent RSI

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