Related Windows Programs

Germany Patents PDF Downloader Trial

A program that downloads PDF documents of any requested German patent.

German Sketches Free Screensaver

Screensaver showing different scenes from Germany.

World Cup Manager 2006

World Cup Manager 2006 is created based on the 2006 Germany world cup

Superior Search Home

Superior Search Home is a desktop search engine.

Philipp Winterberg - Berlin

A beautiful Berlin screensaver that shows more than 20 photos of Berlin.

Hopf Management Console

The radio controlled clocks receive the official time of the Germany

LPJ-GUESS Education

Learning aid that allows users to apply a version of LPJ-GUESS to any location

Spelling Dictionaries Support For Adobe Reader

Enables Adobe Reader users to perform spell checks of 34 languages.

DivX Author

Divx author 1.5 is a world’s first specially designed editing solution.

Time Watch

Time Watch synchronize the system time with a NTP-server over the Internet.

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