Related Windows Programs

Colourful Glowing Clock

This widget will only work if you have a compatible widget engine installed.

Adobe Dreamweaver Widget Browser

Adobe AIR application to preview and configure widgets using a visual interface.

Yahoo! Widgets

Bring all the things you love right to your Windows or Mac desktop.

Amnesty Hypercube

Hypercube is more than just a new desktop widget platform.

Bill4Time Widget

With the Bill4Time Widget, it's even easier to track time.

Opera Bible

Opera Bible is a widget that displays a random verse from the Holy Bible.

Weather Widget 2007

Desktop weather widget displays current weather conditions.

Batman Widget

It basically displays smileys according to the battery's status.


JustResizeIt is a widget-based application for resizing images.

Artist's Sketchbook

Artist's Sketchbook is a painting widget for the Opera browser.

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