Related Windows Programs


This work is an attempt to overcome the use of greedy heuristics.


TreeView is a program to view phylogenetic trees in your computer.

Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees

Likno Drop-Down Menus Trees can create cross browser drop down menu trees.

Island Wars - Christmas Edition

Try to defeat your opponent's island before being defeated yourself!


Trees take the light from the Sun and convert it into Oxygen to let us breathe.

Growing Tree

It is an educational applet that presents different types of searching trees

Colorful Autumn

Colorful Autumn is a nice screensaver in 3D which shows a landscape with trees.

Impressive Gardener

Impressive Gardener is a Freeware application for Impressive Title map makers.

Glorious Trees Screensaver

The Sun is our nearest star. It gives us warm, light and good spirits.

Ultimate DCUO Character Planner

The program has full tree functionality – movement, power and weapon trees.

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