Related Windows Programs

Registrar Lite

Registrar Registry Manager edits your registry with custom made tools

Domain Status Reporter

It provides you with search availability of a domain on the Internet.

Registrar Registry Manager

One of the most complete registry management solutions ever.


Complete set of 23 easy to use diagnostic tools for Internet and Network trouble


"VidPhone" is a H.323/SIP Video SoftPhone for Windows and Linux OS.

HostingDude.com Domain Name Status Reporter

An efficient and powerful piece of software for monitoring the registry status.

PCCardio (for Windows PCs) by Skyscape

It is a practical resource fot those working with cardiac patients.


TekSIP is a SIP Registrar and SIP Proxy for Windows.


It is a SIP-based softphone, can be used to make or receive calls.

snom 4S Media Server

The snom 4S media server is a turnkey solution for handling media in SIP.

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