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Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla

Help young adventurer Laura Jones and her grandmother discover Nikola

Teslas Tower The Wardenclyffe Mystery

Save the world from an experiment gone wrong in Tesla's Tower.

Tesla Coil CAD

While there was existing Tesla coil software available, it was all DOS based.

TESLA 3000 Control Panel

The TESLA 3000 is a multi-timeframe power system recorder.

Nano Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe

Wormhole + explosive objects from the 8th dimension appear.

XTreme-G XP 32bit

Tweakforce releases the Xtreme-G 177.92 drivers for Windows XP 32bit.

Swarm Rampage

Command vast swarms of ants, beetles, moths, scorpions, spiders and


Transfusion (formerly known as Blood) is a free 3D multiplayer action game.

Tesla Voip

Tesla voip - Is a easy-to-use dialer that will allow the user to make calls.

TESLA 4000 Control Panel

TESLA 4000 Control Panel - direct serial and modem connections are now automated

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