Related Windows Programs

Secure IT

Secure IT is a file and folder encryption application.

FileStream Secure Disk

It provides security of your confidential information and sensitive data.

SSH Secure Shell

SSH Secure Shell provides end-to-end communications through the SSH protocol.

SocketTools Secure .NET Edition

Visual Studio .NET components for Internet application development.

Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools

Credential Manager securely manages your multiple log-ins.

Secure CommNet

Secure Shell (SSH2), telnet and dial-up connections

CE Safe Browser

CE Safe Browser is a web browser that claims to be secure and safe.

CD Secure

Prevents pirated copying and unapproved accessing your sensitive files in CD.

CryptoSharp Security Library

Speed up .NET development and create trouble-free code with CryptoSharp Library.

FOX Password Safe

Secure, reliable password manager. You can also encrypt and hide your files.

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