Related Windows Programs

VBA Code Compare

Allows you to compare and merge a Visual Basic code embedded into a VBA project.

Code Snippet plugin for Windows Live Writer

A plugin to help format and apply syntax highlighting to source code.


It does a ZIP code look-up and calculates the distance between two ZIP codes.


Class Library is the ultimate code library for developers, teams,and enterprises

Code Visual Editor

It is a program capable to analyze source code and display the flowchart.

Code Bank

CodeBank is a simple, hierarchical database (XML) for code snippets.

Code Snippet

Provides a single library of all the code you regularly use..

Advanced Code Snippets Manager

Visual Studio code snippet is a code template that could be inserted anywhere


Relocates compiled 16bit x86 code and creates executable EPROM, FLASH or RAM.


CodeTangler Pro can scan your source code files for all comments, variables,etc.

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