Related Windows Programs

De Novo CaseMgr

De Novo CaseMgr is a case management tool for legal professionals.

RealLegal E-Transcript Manager

It is a production tool designed for court reporters.


PatentHunter searches patents and downloads complete patent images.


cross-platform electronic working papers solution


GhostConvey is an all-in-one conveyancing management system.

TimeSlice for Windows

TimeSlice for Windows is used for recording time tasks on Windows 2000, XP,

KANINE (Police K-9 Records Software)

KANINE records have been called ‘bullet proof’ by Prosecuting Attorneys.

RealLegal Binder

One of the most powerful software programs available to litigators.

Medical Litigator Images

Browse Thomson West's Collection of Medical Illustrations.

A2J Author

Creates self-guided A2J interviews for use by unrepresented litigant.

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