Related Windows Programs

NS Basic CE

It is a complete BASIC toolkit that lets you program on a Windows CE device.

Windows CE .NET Utilities for Visual Studio .NET 2003

Enables developers to deploy and debug managed code applications for Windows

WinCE CAB Manager

This program allows you to read and write the Windows CE CAB file format.


DesktopSqlCe is desktop .NET Framework component to remotely access

Windows CE Services File Converter

Windows CE Services File Converter makes the task of converting files simpler.

GPS Pathfinder Controller

Is designed to allow you to control a range of Trimble GPS receivers.

CE Toolpack

A set of command-line utilities to manipulate a connected Windows CE.

CEDP Stealer

CEDP Stealer lets you view and save your friend's Display Pictures and Emoticons

Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition

VP-UML Community Edition (VP-UML CE) is a free UML drawing tool.

Microsoft Windows CE Test Kit

Tests and tools that can be used to help verify the stability of a platform

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