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It's a graphical editor that allows to optimize colors of your digital images.

The Sims 2 University

The Sims: Vacation is the fourth expansion pack for The Sims.

ChinaFood Recipe

Travel to China through their recipes, cook like a real Chinese. Bon Appétit!

7art Juicy Fruits

7art Juicy Fruits ScreenSaver brings you ripe Fruits in beautiful 24 photos

See Them

Tool intended for removing the censor (blurred Sims) in all TS2 versions.

Barre d'outil pour site Toolbar

Barre d'outil pour site Toolbar is a nicely designed tool with simple interface.


Iceows 4.20b is a program to compress or extract archive files.

Electronic Design Studio

Integrated EDA

eBook Studio

eBook Studio creates eBooks that can be read by the eReader software.


BarSim recreates the entire drink making process in a educational way.

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