Related Windows Programs

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro

AgataSoft ShutDown Pro is is an auto shut down timer program.


WinExit allows to shut down Windows by double click. Click’n Run.

Inactive Shut Down Control for MS Access

Gives you the ability to automatically shut down your Access application.


KillWinamp 1.61 is a shut down timer for Winamp or your computer.

Delayed Shutdown

Delayed Shutdown allows you to schedule shut downs with ease.

Auto Power-on & Shut-down

Schedules automatic power-on, shutdown, and similar events for your PC.

Shut Up

Shut UP! is a free, tray-based tool that can reboot or shut down your PC at the time(s) you specify.


A system utility that allows you to schedule the shut down of your computer.

Shutdown Lock

Create hibernate shortcut to hibernate computer automatically.


Multi-tools : alarm clock,shut down pc,batch delete files,calculate md5/crc32.

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