Related Windows Programs

RoMac Basic Equalizer

Great for receiver audio equalization for hearing impaired operator !

Absolute Hearing Training

Test out your hearing and see if everything is in good shape


Is for programming all types of hearing instruments, both digital and analogue.

NOAH System

With this program, you can measure a client’s hearing loss.

Audina ezFIT

The ezFIT enables programming changes to Audina's hearing instruments.

EarMaster Essential

EarMaster Essential helps you improve your hearing skills.

Fonix Press and Go

Program that remotely controls your FONIX FP40 or FP35 hearing aid analyzer.

TWA Calculator

TWA Calculator is a computational and visual tool for teaching noise exposure.


Interface for programming all types of hearing instruments.

Ear Test

Ear test allows you to test the approximate frequency which you can hear.

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