Related Windows Programs


An elegant, simple-to-use Twitter client for Windows XP and above.

TweetMeme Plugin

The TweetMeme Retweet button is the defacto standard in retweeting.


A Twitter client with an interface inspired by the Windows Metro visual style.

AmigoBar Toolbar

Toolbar that allows you to update Facebook and Twitter from your browser.

Sublime Twitter Bot

It allows you to create, edit and manage your Twitter account.


Train your brain with a collection of brain teasers and brain training games

Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze is an extraordinarily game that exercises your logic and memory.

MB Brain Teasers

MB Brain Teasers is a collection of programs related to the development and working of the brain.

Brain Train Age

This collection of games can help train our brain to keep it active and healthy.

Complete Brain Workout

Complete Brain Workout is a 46 game collection of all of the Brain Workout Games

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