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Walter Roller Selection Program

It brings you complete information regarding the Walter Roller products.

Cooler Hunter

Cooler Hunter EV - poker software, which calculates poker EV and creates graphs


Tool for undervolting and underclocking AMD Brazos platform under Windows 7.

FaceFilter Xpress

FaceFilter Xpress enables you to make faces look younger, slimmer, friendlier.

Amaze Multimedia Screen Saver

Amaze is the most powerful multimedia Screen Saver available.

Memory Zipper Plus

Memory Zipper optimizes system memory and ensures that it is used effectively

W Photo Studio

A free and attractive photo editor and organizer designed for the amateur user.


FolderMagic provides lively colors and smart icons for our files, folders, etc.

3D Packager

3D Packager is the world's best packaging software tool.


The SPC speeds the selection and costing of coupled supply and extract coils.

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