Related Windows Programs

Catfood Follower

Catfood Follower is a desktop Twitter tool for following friends that follow you

Sugar Bytes WOW

WOW is a smart tool that turns your computer into a filter effect.

Friend Follower

Friend Follower is a professional and reliable Twitter marketing software.

Cableguys FilterShaper

Create complex, shifting, interweaving effects with Cableguys FilterShaper.

The One Ring 3D Screensaver

The One Ring 3D Screensaver will transport you into a world of fantasy!

TC Native Essentials

A "synthesizer-type" filter for all those trendy "bleep"- and filter-effects.

Weather Screen

Weather Screen puts information about the weather and more on your screen.

PSP 608 MultiDelay

PSP 608 MD is perhaps the most fully featured delay plug-in available.

Ugo Metallurgy VST

Metallurgy is a multi-effect that is capable of providing sounds.


is a desktop mascot application for X Window system and Microsoft Windows.

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